Food Fraud

The Elliot Firm is investigating several food manufacturers and importers for so-called food fraud, in which the manufacturer or seller labels a cheaper, poor-quality product as if it were a higher-quality product and charges the consumer a higher price. Examples include fake olive oil made from cheap soy or cottonseed oil and artificial flavors, chemically-flavored “truffle oil,” falsely-labeled fish products  — fish labeled as “red snapper” is often the much cheaper tilapia or the potentially dangerous tilefish — and “all-natural” fruit-flavored drinks and snacks that in reality are artificially flavored. 

Convenience store brand cookies, fruit-flavored energy drinks, and fruit-flavored snacks in particular often include unlawful hidden artificial flavors.  U.S. food law requires these artificial flavorings to be disclosed on the front label so consumers can choose whether they want to buy natural or artificially-flavored products. The Elliot Firm has uncovered numerous products containing artificial flavors but the products’ labels don’t disclose this.  These products violate U.S. and California law.

If you suspect you have purchased a counterfeit food product or a “natural” food that actually contains artificial ingredients, contact the Elliot Firm.